Travis and Jason Kelce's Mom Travels Across Country to Attend Both Sons' Playoff Games in Same Day

Donna Kelce, mom to Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, made sure she was in the stands at both of her sons' wild card games — and even asked Travis a question at his post-game conference

Travis Kelce Donna Kelce
Photo: Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire/Getty

Donna Kelce made it her mission to cheer on both of her sons at their respective NFL wild-card games, Sunday.

Donna, who is mom to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, traveled almost 1,300 miles to be in the stands at both games, Yahoo! Sports reports.

The proud mom kicked off her Sunday at Tampa's Raymond James Stadium watching Jason, 34, face off against the Buccaneers. After seeing her older son play (and unfortunately fall to the Bucs), Donna prepared to board a flight bound for Kansas City, where Travis, 32, was set to play the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Donna's trip was chronicled on the official NFL Twitter account, where she shared updates on her journey — including a small snag while en route to Travis' game.

On Sunday afternoon, Donna wrote in a text message shared to the NFL Twitter account that she "had to get a rickshaw" to transport her to an Uber at Raymond James Stadium, which then took her to the airport.

"My flight is delayed but only 30 min I should get there in 1st qtr," she wrote, before adding that she had run into some inclement weather on her way there.

"And it started raining," she wrote alongside a crying-laughing emoji.

Despite the travel difficulties, Donna boarded her flight and caught a car to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, where she witnessed Travis throw his very first NFL touchdown pass, according to CNN.

The NFL Twitter account celebrated Donna's impressive feat by posting a photo of her mid-cheer and writing, "She made it! Two games. One day. One amazing mom."

While Donna had plenty of excitement Sunday, she finished off the day with one more memorable moment. During the Chiefs' post-game press conference, Donna surprised Travis with a question of her own.

As Travis stood behind a podium and prepared to answer reporters' queries, he was clearly confused when the moderator told him, "We'll go first to Donna Kelce."

Travis said, "I'm sorry, what?" before Donna explained, "Yes, it's your mom."

When Donna asked her son how it felt to finally get a touchdown in a playoff game, he smiled before answering, "To finally throw a touchdown like I used to tell my mom when I was like five years old that I was going to eventually throw a touchdown in the National Football League, I finally got it done."

"It only took me nine years," he added. "That's a good question though, Mom."

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