Derek Fisher and Gloria Govan Forced to Postpone Wedding During Coronavirus Pandemic

"People were very, very understanding, which is really sweet," Gloria Govan tells PEOPLE of the decision


Gloria Govan is sadly among one of the many brides who is now forced to wait just a little longer to say “I do” thanks to the terrifying rapid spread of the coronavirus.

Govan and former NBA player and current head coach for the Los Angeles Sparks Derek Fisher are rescheduling their April wedding amid the pandemic, the couple confirms to PEOPLE.

“It was just based off of what the CDC advised and the current state of affairs,” explains Govan, 35, of the decision. “We just felt like it was in everyone’s best interest, really.”

She adds, “So we were like, ‘Yeah, it’s just probably best to postpone.’ We had a few people traveling, a lot of our parents and aunts and uncles who are a little older. So we felt like it was in their best interest, and for everybody, to just not put anyone at risk. It was obviously a really crappy decision to have to make.”

Luckily, Govan says, “People were very, very understanding, which is really sweet.”

The wedding will, of course, still happen — jokes Govan, “I still like him. I’m gonna keep him around for a while.”

“We have a great wedding planner,” says Govan. “Erica Friedman is absolutely brilliant. She’s been really sweet with handling the vendors for us, you know, and explaining the situation.”

It helps that all the couple’s vendors have been “really flexible,” she notes: “They’ve been really nice to try to make sure that whatever date we choose in the future, that they’ll be available.”

Fisher, 45, proposed to Govan, 35, in April 2018 after dating for three years.

Though, they’ll now have a longer road to making it official, the couple is more than ready for what their eventual wedding day will bring.

“It’s just being around family and really celebrating a special moment,” Govan tells PEOPLE. “Derek and I have been together five and a half years. It’s been a fun ride and we’ve just been really grateful for our family and friends who have supported our journey.”

For now, the couple is focused on making sure their kids — now stuck at home as the blended family practices social distancing — are flourishing amid the challenging situation.

“The schools, I think, have done the best job that they can do to help, you know, us as parents to follow as much of a daily routine that’s pretty consistent with what they have if they were on campus,” says Fisher. “We have kids at two different schools here in L.A. They have respective schedules that they need to follow and adhere to in order to keep some consistency in their lives. And so we’re trying our best to help them stay on schedule, help them with different assignments or homework or questions that they have in real-time.”

“We know for sure teachers should get paid a lot more,” adds Fisher.

Fisher also praises the steps the NBA took to suspend the season earlier this month after the risk of the outbreak grew, becoming one of the first major sports leagues to do so.

“The NBA and all the leagues that followed are to be commended because I think there’s a recognition that we have to play our part,” says Fisher. “People have watched and supported us for many years and fans a lot of times make the difference between how we feel about our sports experience, and to think about trying to play games and do things that would not include fans, et cetera.”

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