David Beckham announced the launch of his new Miami Major League Soccer team this week

By Char Adams
January 30, 2018 12:25 PM

David Beckham is further securing his status as one of soccer’s biggest stars, this time with a team of his own.

The 42-year-old athlete announced the launch of his not-yet-named Miami Major League Soccer team during a press conference at Miami’s Knight Concert Hall this week surrounded by fans, his financial backers and local officials.

“Bringing an MLS club to Miami has been a hell of a journey,” Beckham said at the event. “The team that we bring into this league will be one of the best teams — will be the best team. When I was awarded the team, there was only one city for me. Only one city, and it was here.”

Beckham signed with the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007 and made a deal that allowed him to buy a franchise of his own at a reduced rate, according to NPR. He first announced plans to bring a soccer franchise to Miami four years ago.

“It was very difficult at times,” he said of his journey to Miami. “There was times … we sat back and said, ‘This is not gonna happen. This dream is not gonna happen. It’s too difficult, it’s too hard. There’s too many bumps in the road.’ But I don’t give up.”

David Beckham Announces the Official Launch of the Miami Major League Soccer Team

Some of sports and music’s biggest stars voiced their support for Beckham, his partners, and the new team. The father of four shared several clips of celebrities including JAY-Z, Serena Williams, Jennifer Lopez and more, praising the launch on his InstaStory. He also shared a mashup of all the videos on his main Instagram page.

“Dave! Congratulations on the team,” Will Smith said in one display. “I’m excited for you, it’s gonna be ridiculous. Welcome to Miami! Hey, if you need anything, just let me know. That’s kind of my town.”

Serena WilliamsCredit: David Beckham/Instagram
Serena Williams
| Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

In another clip, Lopez gushed: “Miami has soccer now!”

Even Olympic champion Usain Bolt offered his support — and hinted at possible joining Beckham’s team.

“Dave, what up! Just wanna say congratulations on getting the team in Miami,” he began. “You know, if you need any help I’m here. If you need a striker I’m here. I got goals. I got speed. I got everything you need. Hit me up!”

Brooklyn Beckham, Cryuz Beckham, Romeo BeckhamCredit: David Beckham/Instagram
Credit: David Beckham/Instagram

The sweetest messages of all came from Beckham’s wife, Victoria, and their four children.

“Hi, Daddy!” Brooklyn, 18, Romeo, 15, Cruz, 12, and little Harper, 6, all said in unison in one video.

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“Dad, I can’t believe you’re gonna be a club owner! That’s so cool,” Brooklyn said. Romeo added: “I’m so proud of you, I can’t wait to see what players you sign.”

In her own clip, Victoria congratulated her husband of 18 years.

“We are so proud of you,” she said. “This is so exciting and we can’t wait to be spending much more time in Miami as a family.”