Patrick Gorski/Icon Sportswire/AP
October 30, 2016 09:27 AM

The excitement of Game 5 of the World Series came to a halt on Saturday as the crowd at Wrigley Field stood together to represent the fight against cancer.

Shortly after the 5th inning, the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians put aside competition to come together and support Stand Up To Cancer.

The gesture in which players, staff and spectators stand and hold up signs with the names of the loved ones they’ve lost to devastating disease has become a World Series tradition now in its 8th year.

Modern Family star Eric Stonestreet, whose mother is a two-time cancer survivor, shared his experience of last year’s powerful moment on

“Standing in solidarity with thousands of strangers, as we held up our signs and shared the names of loved ones who have been afflicted with cancer, it didn’t matter who was rooting for what team or how many runs we scored,” he wrote. “At that moment, we were all rooting for a cure.”

“Holding a sign with 50,000 other people who have gone through the same fears and anxiety you’ve gone through, and in many cases much worse, was a truly powerful and moving experience for me,” he continued.

Katie Couric also reflected on the gesture at the game:

“Wrigley Field was full of more than 40,000 wildly enthusiastic fans, but you could hear a pin drop during the Stand Up To Cancer placard moment at the World Series,” said the SU2C Co-Founder and Yahoo Global News Anchor. “Everyone in the stadium stood up for their loved ones who have been affected by cancer. It was an incredibly moving moment.  We’re profoundly grateful to Commissioner Rob Manfred and all of Major League Baseball for their support of SU2C’s lifesaving research.”

If you weren’t able to score those astronomically expensive World Series tickets, you can still join the movement on social media by visiting and sharing your story with the hashtag #IStandUpFor on Twitter.






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