Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner were just bleu_girl_04 and AAWolv to one another when they first chatted online

By Kathy Ehrich Dowd
October 30, 2015 02:55 PM
Courtesy Kate Queram

To quote Tom Brady – but not that Tom Brady, “it was love at first chat.”

AAWolv and bleu_girl_04 were simply two anonymous posters chatting in the comments section of ESPN’s Big Ten blog when they realized something: They really, really liked each other.

Bonding over their devotion to Michigan (they’re both alums), Kate Queram and Brandon Wagoner realized they had a connection that seemed way beyond football. Despite concerns of catfishing, the pair met in real life, fell in love and got married!

Even better? Their best man was named Tom Brady. (The famous one, by the way, being a Michigan alum, too.)

“If I recall correctly, Brandon was the only one who didn’t accuse me of being a middle-aged man in a basement somewhere. So you know, that’s a good first impression,” Queram told ESPN in a chat that, of course, took place online.

“We talked in the comments for at least six months or so. The flirting kind of came along with everyone joking that we were a blog couple, since we were two of the only Michigan fans there,” Wagoner explained.

Once catfishing concerns were out of the way – Wagoner’s father told ESPN that their courtship began at the same time Manti Teo’s catfishing scandal was in the news, which caused him concern – the pair met IRL and things got intense pretty quickly, even though they lived far from one another.

“It was pretty serious right away. I think because we felt like we’d spent so much time getting to know each other already,” Queram said.

The pair wed on Saturday – to coincide with a Wolverines bye week – in Queram’s Wisconsin hometown, and the ceremony included a reading from “William Shakespeare’s Star Wars.”

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ESPN reports the officiant said during the ceremony that she never heard of a meet-up quite like theirs, and Queram admits their love story is far from typical.

“I usually tell the short version so I don’t have to mention Manti Teo. not that I don’t love having Teo as an integral part of my engagement story, but … RIP Lennay. Glad my life turned out better than yours.”