"I won't manage a national team again," the coach said, explaining he preferred to manage club teams

By Claudia Harmata
September 05, 2019 03:08 PM
Omar Vega/Getty

Costa Rica’s national soccer team coach was brutally honest in his resignation letter.

Gustavo Matosas had no shame admitting that he decided to resign from his position as the team’s manager less than a year after starting because it was “boring.”

“I realized that in the national side I feel unproductive even though I kill myself watching videos,” Matosas said at a news conference Wednesday, according to ESPN. “It’s not what I like to be doing.”

“It’s tough not having players in the day-to-day to train them. I only have the players for a week every two months and it’s killing me,” he continued. “I didn’t know it was so hard. I thought I would be able to somehow endure it.”

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While national teams garner large crowds and support during World Cup and Olympic seasons, during the in-between, these players are often training with their club teams instead.

“I didn’t know being a national team manager was so boring. I don’t regret it and I don’t leave frustrated because I gave my best,” Matosas concluded in the press conference, according to the outlet. “I won’t manage a national team again. I can’t only have the players every two months. It’s not for me.”

Matosas formerly played professionally for Uruguay and retired from the sport in 2001. In retirement, he began his managerial career, having managed 15 different club teams before signing on to manage Costa Rica’s national team, ESPN reported.