College Uses Police Officer to Surprise Walk-On with a Scholarship: 'We Gotta Problem Here!'

TCU had a bit of fun when telling a sophomore on the men's basketball team he had earned a scholarship

A sophomore at Texas Christian University who joined the basketball team as a walk-on was left shocked when a police officer interrupted a team meeting and called his name — but it was all a well-intentioned prank by his coach.

Owen Aschieris — a 20-year-old the sophomore from San Diego, California — joined TCU’s men’s basketball team as a walk-on this season after spending his freshman year with the women’s practice squad, according to the Star-Telegram.

So when the school decided to award the hard-working athlete with a scholarship for the spring semester, his coach, Jamie Dixon, came up with the idea of having a little fun when presenting him with the good news.

In a hilarious video shared by the university, Dixon is seen abruptly stopping a team meeting with an announcement that would make anyone nervous.

“We gotta problem here, guys!” the coach says.

As the room falls silent, a police officer walks in behind Dixon and calls out for Aschieris.

“Can I see you just a minute, please?” the officer asks. “I’m doing a follow up for a detective and want to make sure I got the right person.”

TCU Basketball

A nervous-looking Aschieris then walks up to the officer, who holds up a piece of paper to him.

“Is this you, sir?” the officer asks.

Owen scans the paper for a few seconds, and his anxiety visibly melts away as he realizes what it is. Right on cue, his teammates break out in applause and race up to hug him.

“This is what we need, this attitude,” Dixon told the team.

Footage of the announcement posted to TCU’s social accounts soon went viral, garnering more than a million views since it was uploaded on Monday.

“It’s been so hard to describe,” Aschieris told the Dallas Morning News. “So much work has gone into this and it’s just been a crazy journey going from high school — not being recruited at all — to walking on.”

“There are just so many people too that have helped me so much,” he continued. “Just to get that scholarship and then this too adding onto it — I’m going to need a few days to just let my mind chill.”

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