College Football Star Convulses During Game, Collapses on the Field

Cincinnati Bearcats safety Kyriq McDonald's mother told ESPN that her son has a history of seizures

Photo: Adam Lacy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

A Cincinnati Bearcats player collapsed on the field and began convulsing during the first quarter of a game against Ohio State in Columbus on Saturday.

Sophomore safety Kyriq McDonald, who transferred from Alabama this summer, was in the middle of a play before he fell to the ground as Buckeyes wide receiver K.J. Hill came to block him, the Washington Post reported.

Before Hill could set his block, McDonald was seen on the ground shaking near the midfield. When the play finished, medical personnel from both Cincinnati and Ohio State rushed onto the field for assistance.

According to USA Today, McDonald was on the ground for almost five minutes before being able to stand on his own with assistance.

Ohio State fans in the stadium stood to give McDonald a round of applause as medical staff carted him off the field.

McDonald is said to have a history of seizures, according to his mother, who spoke with ESPN reporter Allison Williams, the Post reported. It is unknown if that was the cause of McDonald’s collapse.

The player remains in stable condition, the Post reported, and was transported to the Ohio State University Hospital for further assessment.

McDonald collapsed on the sideline as a freshman for Alabama during the College Football Playoff National Championship game in 2018 with what a team spokesman described as a “non-athletic medical issue,” according to ESPN.

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