August 02, 2018 12:33 PM

Turns out, Superman might actually exist.

A 10-year-old whose real name is Clark Kent Apuada beat Michael Phelps’ 100-meter butterfly record over the weekend, CNN reports.

Apuada competed at the Far West International Championship with the Monterey County Aquatic Team in California and finished the 100-meter butterfly with a time of 1:09:38, a few seconds faster than Phelps in 1995. The record has remained unbroken until now, and the new record holder has only been swimming competitively for four years.

“This kid is unlike any other young man that I’ve ever coached,” coach Dia Riana told CNN. “He’s always stood out, he’s just, he’s kind of a savant of sorts.”

Salinas Valley Aquatics

With a name like Clark Kent, it’s no surprise that his friends actually call him Superman. Apuada lives up to the name thanks to his variety of other talents.

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“He does piano lessons, he does martial arts, and at school, if there’s a computer class, coding, or STEM programs, he’s always joining,” the boy’s father, Chris Apuada, told CNN.

Salinas Valley Aquatics

When asked about his skills in the water, Clark explained to CNN, “I love swimming because I have a lot of people supporting me and my coaches are always there for me and my parents are always there.”

His advice to others? “Dream big,” Clark shared with the outlet, “and always focus on your dreams and have fun.”

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