Dad Impressively Catches Foul Ball While Feeding His Baby at Cincinnati Reds Game — Watch

Jacob Kingsley made the play of the day when he caught a bouncing foul ball that came in his son's direction during a Cincinnati Reds game on Tuesday

While the Cincinnati Reds came up short during their home game against the San Diego Padres on Tuesday, one fan went home having made the play of the day.

Dad Jacob Kingsley caught a foul ball while bottle-feeding his baby during the fifth inning at Great American Ball Park.

A video posted by the MLB showed the ball — hit by Padres catcher Luis Campusano — flying into the seats behind third base. After landing in the stands and bouncing once more, Kingsley rose from his seat and caught the ball with his right hand while his left hand held on to his young son's bottle.

"Nice job!" commentators said after seeing Kingsley's catch. "While feeling the baby! Wow. Hold's the bottle, no spillage, baby in perfect bliss, and a souvenir!"

"That's sensational!" the commentators added.

After the game, Kingsley told Jim Day of Bally Sports Ohio that "safety" was the main thing on his mind while making the catch.

"[I] saw the ball pop up, and just wanted to keep him happy, so I did my best to protect him at the same time," Kingsley said. "I reached the hand up, had some fierce competition, but it ended up happening great — but baby first."

"[And he] probably didn't even know what was happening," he added. "This will be a great memory to share with him, it's his first Reds game so we have the certificate there too, so it will be awesome."

Kingsley's wife, Jordan, said she had kept her eye on the balls all game to ensure their son, Shepard, wouldn't be hurt.

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"[Kingsley] took the job seriously," she said. "Baby's happy, I'm happy, and I'm just impressed — I'm like, 'who is this man?!' "

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