Ciara Says Kids Are Adjusting to 'New Chapter' in Denver After Russell Wilson Signs with Broncos

"Denver's been incredible," the Ten to One Rum co-owner shares of her family's new hometown

Ciara and husband Russell Wilson didn't have to worry about how their big move from Seattle to Denver would affect their kids — they're having no problem adjusting.

The NFL quarterback was traded to the Broncos in the off-season, and even with the move happening towards the end of the school year, the kids adapted quickly to their new life in the Mile High City.

"So far, Denver's been incredible," the 36-year-old tells PEOPLE as she sips a glass of her Ten to One Rum. "They've been doing good. When we told them the news, everything was like, 'Yeah! New team. Yeah! New school. Yeah!' I don't know if they really realize what's going on sometimes. They're excited about the new chapter."

The couple, who began dating in early 2015 and married a little over a year later in July 2016, have two kids together, daughter Sienna Princess, 5, and son Win Harrison, 1. The singer also has son Future Zahar, 8, from her previous relationship with rapper Future.

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With a new city comes new activities and Ciara says she's excited to watch her kids be outside and active all over the Colorado Rockies.

Denver Broncos Introduce Quarterback Russell Wilson
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"The kids have already had their first ski experience," Ciara says. "Future really rolled. Sienna taps out at a certain time. She's like, 'OK, this has been fun. I'm ready to go play with my Barbies.' She's a gymnastics girl too, so I think she's a little athlete. We haven't gone in a little while, so I'd love to see how she is now. Win hasn't hit the snow yet."

Although her kids have mastered their time on the mountain, adjusting to the Rockies hasn't been quite as easy for the mom of 3.

"For me in my mind, I was in my head a little bit," Ciara laughs. "So day one, I was like, 'Oh, skiing is the best thing ever.' Day two, I start overthinking my turns, and the lady would tell me, 'Look where you want your skis to go.' I think that's what she was saying. I think I'm going to definitely become more of an outdoorsy girl."

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And since the kids have quickly acclimated to their new lives, Ciara can focus on mastering all of the new outdoorsy things she didn't have to deal with in Seattle.

"So far, I've encountered a snake," Ciara says. "We have geese on the lawn that I'm chasing off because I don't like the geese poop because my babies have to run around. Russ has a video of me chasing a goose — 'Ahh!' I'm running like that. So I'm in that space now. It's moth season. I'm like, 'What is the other outdoors thing?' Literally, we open our door, and a handful of moths fall down. But there's all these little things. I'm inspired being there, honestly."

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