The mom-to-be documented the mouthwatering process of making cinnamon rolls on Instagram on Thursday
Credit: Source Instagram

When a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model makes cinnamon rolls, obviously the biggest question on everybody’s mind is, “Which is sexier, the model or the cinnamon rolls?”

We are now plagued with this exact dilemma, since Chrissy Teigen documented her glamorous journey to cinnamon roll heaven on Instagram Thursday evening.

In one photo, Teigen, 30, wears a black dress with a very plunging neckline and a striped jacket on top. She poses mid-cinnamon sprinkle, with a long stretch of dough spread out in front of her and a jar of cinnamon in hand.

“Cinnamon rollllllsssssss!!!” is the photo’s fittingly excited caption.

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The mom-to-be also posted a video of her dousing the finished cinnamon rolls with a huge ladle of icing.

“Bringing some goods to the @fablifeshow holiday party,” Teigen captioned the video, making us all jealous of her talk show’s cast and crew.

While tantalizingly spreading the icing, Teigen says, “Oh, baby! Merry Christmas to us,” and starts making … bedroom noises before the video cuts off.

We’re just hoping the recipe to those amazing-looking cinnamon rolls is in her upcoming cookbook.