Chris Christie Defends Tom Brady: People Are Just Jealous of His 'Almost Too Perfect' Life

The N.J. governor and Dallas Cowboys fan says there's no reason to think Brady lied or cheated

Photo: Ron Elkman/Getty; NBC/Getty

The NFL might think Tom Brady knew about Deflategate – but Chris Christie sure doesn’t.

When the New Jersey governor saw headlines regarding the NFL’s report on the scandal – which was released Wednesday and states that the New England Patriots quarterback was likely aware of the deflated footballs – he shrugged off the finding as people seeing green.

“So here’s Tom Brady – great-looking guy, wealthy beyond imagination, married to Gisele Bündchen and four Super Bowl” wins, Christie told reporters Thursday during a press conference in New Hampshire.

“You know? There are some people who just want to take a shot at Tom Brady because it seems that Tom Brady’s life is almost too perfect.”

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A Dallas Cowboys fan (to the deep chagrin of his New Jersey constituents), Christie waved away the conclusions of the NFL investigation into so-called “Deflategate,” saying the Wells report struck him as “a lot of ‘probablys’ and ‘maybes.'”

“I see no reason to believe Tom Brady lied or cheated,” he said.

Christie, who’s had his own Bridgegate scandal headlines to deal with of late, was asked if he can relate to Brady being under siege.

With a chuckle, Christie responded: “I can’t think of one way I can actually relate to Tom Brady.”

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