'Cheer' 's Lexi Brumback Just Posted an Exciting Update for Fans of the Netflix Series

"Honey, I'm home," the cheerleader wrote on Instagram this week, alongside a photo with a few of her Navarro College teammates

Cheer’s Lexi Brumback
Photo: Lexi Brumback/Instagram

Spoilers ahead for Netflix’s Cheer.

Lexi Brumback is back on the mat!

The Navarro College cheerleader, who was one of several featured in the Netflix docu-series Cheer, revealed on Instagram this week that she has returned to the Corsicana, Texas, community college and is once again on the championship-winning squad.

“Honey, I’m home ?? #fiofmu” the student-athlete wrote on Instagram Tuesday, alongside a photo of herself and fellow teammates TT Barker, Dillon Brandt, and Jeremiah Harris.

In response to a fan asking in the comments if the post meant Brumback was back at Navarro, she answered “yes” along with a heart emoji.

Cheer’s Lexi Brumback instagram comments
Lexi Brumback/Instagram

Netflix also shared the exciting news on Twitter, reposting Brumback’s photo with the message, “don’t know who needs to hear this, but… Lexi is back at Navarro!!!!”

Fans who have already finished the docu-series’ six episodes will know that the news of Brumback’s return comes after the series finished with the tumbler kicked off the team when illegal substances were found in a car she was in with a group of friends.

In fact, after returning home to Houston after performing at the NCA Collegiate National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida, Brumback wasn’t cheering at all.

“She just said she had gotten in trouble and that she can’t be a cheerleader there anymore,” her grandmother, Frances, said in the final episode after the team’s victory.

“I think they had a week of school left, and she got pulled over. She was in a car with a couple people. But there was some illegal stuff in the car, and Lexi’s the type of person to not snitch on anybody,” Calvin Beene, Brumback’s All Star Coach and a Navarro Cheer alum, explained. “So Lexi ended up taking the blame.”

“Me and Monica [Aldama] still have a good relationship,” Brumback said in the final episode, noting the impact the Navarro head coach has had on her life. “A lot of the times, before I do something that might be questionable, I think, ‘what would Monica say?'”

“Even though I’m not necessarily a Navarro cheerleader anymore, I still feel like I’m a reflection of that program,” she added. “So honestly, asking myself that question keeps me out of a lot of trouble.”

Aldama said in the final episode that while there have “been multiple times where I’ve had to let people go” from the team, she doesn’t “ever just shut the door and tell them I’m done with them.”

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“I want to help as many kids as I can. I mean, that’s the reason I do this job. That’s what brings me joy,” she said. “But you know, sometimes those kids make it through, and sometimes they don’t. And as much as I want to give them a second chance, if you don’t uphold the rules, then why have the rules?”

Last week, Brumback shared a pair of videos of herself tumbling on Instagram, marking her “come back” to cheer.

Lexi Brumback
Lexi Brumback. Netflix

“Haven’t been tumbling since October but it’s come-back szn ??” she wrote in the caption.

The cheerleader didn’t seem to harbor any bad feelings about being let off the team before, and expressed her gratitude for the program in September.

“It’s Navarro college day! I had to show some appreciation for the place and people that helped set my life in the right direction ❤️? #BullDawgPride” she wrote, sharing several photos from her time on the team. Cheers to many more!

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