"This game was just outstanding, I couldn't even believe it," Chase Young's mom, Carla, told reporters Sunday

By Ashley Boucher
December 14, 2020 05:09 PM
Chase Young
Chase Young and his mom on FaceTime
| Credit: Washington Football Team/Twitter

The Washington football team's post-game press conference on Sunday had a very special guest — rookie Chase Young's mom!

While answering questions following Washington's game against the San Francisco 49ers, Young, 21, introduced reporters to his mom via FaceTime.

"Hey Chase, would your mom be happy with your game today?" one reporter asked the rookie defensive end, who scored an impressive touchdown off a fumble recovery to help his team secure a 23-15 victory over San Francisco.

"You wanna ask her?" the Ohio State University alum asked, saying he was on the phone with his mom at that moment.

"She's right here," Young said, holding up his phone to show that his mom, Carla, was on FaceTime with him.

"Oh my gosh, I’m just so worn out," she said when asked what she thought of her son's touchdown.

"This game was just outstanding, I couldn't even believe it," Carla added. "I was just like, in shock. He knows how to pick that ball up and not fall on it. And, he got it and kept trucking."

The win is Washington's fourth consecutive victory, but Young added to reporters, "We're not done yet," ESPN reported.

"I like to think, 'What would Kobe [Bryant] do?' He wouldn't be smiling. He'd put his head down and keep working until he achieved what he wanted to achieve," Young said. "That's the vibe of the team right now. We're not satisfied."

Chase Young
Chase Young
| Credit: Christian Petersen/Getty

Coach Ron Rivera echoed his player's sentiment, saying that the team — who are scheduled to face off against the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday — is now "trying to talk about where we're headed, not where we've been."

"We're relevant in the conversation, and we have to maintain and be humble," he said, per ESPN.

Washington is currently in first place in the NFC East.