Watch Charles Barkley Show Jennifer Hudson His 'Big Bottom' Rebound Technique

“It’s hard to get around this big ass,” the former NBA pro joked on The Jennifer Hudson Show Tuesday

Charles Barkley Tells Jennifer Hudson About His ‘Big Bottom’ Technique
Charles Barkley and Jennifer Hudson. Photo: Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

NBA great Charles Barkley is revealing his secret to great rebounding.

The basketball star — whose career total of 12,546 rebounds puts him in the top 20 all-time NBA rebounders — shared his game-winning technique on The Jennifer Hudson Show Tuesday.

"You're one of the greatest rebounders in NBA history," Hudson, 41, said as she welcomed Barkley, 60, to the show. "Tell me about this special technique you had, what was that?"

"Well... I have a big bottom," Barkley joked as the audience roared with laughter.

"I try and put it on as many guys as possible," he continued. "Hey, it's hard to get around this big ass. It's hard to get around it."

"There you go, right there, there's a good example," Barkley added after Hudson showed a photo of him playing against Boston Celtics legend Larry Bird.

"Hey, let me tell you something, he's not going to move," he jokingly continued. "Once you put that ass on somebody, they're not going to move."

"That's the great Larry Bird. Once you put that ass on somebody, they're stuck there."

"Can you show us?" Hudson then asked with a smile. "You want to get stuck there?" Barkley replied cheekily. "Pick me up if he knocks me down, okay?" the TV host and Dreamgirls star asked the audience with a laugh.

The pair then hopped up and Barkley showed Hudson how he won so many rebounds.

Charles Barkley Tells Jennifer Hudson About His ‘Big Bottom’ Technique
Charles Barkley and Jennifer Hudson. Chris Millard/Warner Bros.

"So, if the ball is ready to go up, the first thing I'm doing is… boom!" he said, while getting into full rebound position. "You try to go that way or that way, I'm moving, I'm moving," he said as Hudson attempted to get around him.

"That's legit!" Hudson said, impressed by his unique technique.

The light-hearted moment follows Barkley's recent revelation about the explosive conversation that ended his once-close friendship with NBA superstar Michael Jordan, 60.

During an appearance on the All The Smoke podcast hosted by former NBA players Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Barkley said it's now down to the former Chicago Bulls icon to decide whether or not they'll ever be able to mend their friendship.

"That would be on his end," Barkley told Barnes of any "light at the end of the tunnel" for their relationship.

Charles Barkley on Michael Jordan Friendship
Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan. Prince Williams/Wireimage, Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty

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Barkley told the podcast hosts that Jordan, 59, "went ballistic" during the conversation after their initial disagreement, which Barkley told Taylor Rooks stemmed from a comment Barkley made about Jordan's ownership of the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Hornets).

"He called me and the last thing I heard was 'Motherf----er, f--- you. You're supposed to be my boy.' I said 'Man, I gotta do my job.' We haven't spoken since that night."

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According to Barkley, it has been ten years since that conversation.

Barkley described Jordan as his "best friend at the time," before their falling out. "I love the guy and miss the guy, but I gotta do my job," the NBA on TNT analyst explained, adding, "I think I'm fair to everybody."

In December, Barkley said he'd be open to moving on from the feud with his former best friend. "I probably would say, 'What I said, I believed. I'm sorry you took offense to it. And let's get past this bulls--t and get back to playing golf and having fun," Barkley told Rooks for Bleacher Report.

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