"Like I told you Monday, there was complications with his shot," Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said Wednesday

By Ashley Boucher
September 23, 2020 11:16 PM
Tyrod Taylor
| Credit: Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Chargers quarterback Tyrod Taylor missed Sunday's game against the Kansas City Chiefs after a team doctor reportedly pierced his lung by accident during a pregame procedure.

According to multiple outlets, Taylor was receiving an injection to help with pain from a rib injury sustained in week one when one of his lungs was punctured accidentally.

"Like I told you Monday, there was complications with his shot. He will not be 100 percent this week, therefore he will not play," Chargers coach Anthony Lynn said Wednesday, according to ESPN.

Lynn told ESPN that the doctor "just made a mistake" and that "it happens."

"Tyrod's not angry, not upset," the coach added.

George Atallah, the executive director of external affairs for the NFL Players Association, tweeted Wednesday that an investigation into the accident is underway.

"Our medical and legal team have been in touch with Tyrod and his agent since Sunday collecting facts," Atallah wrote. "An investigation has been initiated."

The Chargers are scheduled to face the Carolina Panthers at home on Sunday.

Last weekend, rookie Justin Herbert played QB, and the Los Angeles team lost to the defending Super Bowl champions 23-20 in overtime.

Lynn said that Taylor will be back on the field as soon as he is healthy enough to do so, the Los Angeles Times reported.

"Under these circumstances, guys need to know that not just the head coach, but every coach on this staff has their back. I think that’s very important to have that trust and credibility with your team," Lynn said, adding that it "wasn’t his fault he wasn’t on the field."

Lynn added that since he took over as Chargers coach in 2017, the team's medical staff "has been really trustworthy."

"But, how they [the players] respond to this, I don’t know," he said, per the LA Times. "That’s going to be up to the locker room. As of right now, I like the progress we’ve made with our players and our medical staff."