Teri Hatcher, Nev Schulman, Brian d'Arcy James & More Stars Run the New York City Marathon

Stars woke up before the sun came out to participate in Sunday's marathon

The New York City Marathon was a star-studded affair as celebrities sprinted among more than 50,000 runners.

Teri Hatcher, 53, and her daughter Emerson Tenney, 20, loaded up on pasta ahead of the race and were wide-awake before the sun came out.

“Good morning! It’s marathon morning, and it’s a little bit before 5:00,” Hatcher said enthusiastically on her Instagram Story. “We’ve been up. We’re now on the VIP bus, and look who we found. Brian d’Arcy James! He’s running it too.”

“It’s really early,” d’Arcy James, 50, chimed in.

Teri Hatcher/Instagram

“We’re doing it for Save the Children,” the Desperate Housewives actress explained, mentioning the charity for which the mother and daughter raised more than $11,000. “Hopefully we’ll see you in the middle of the race but definitely as we cross the finish line.”

In August, Hatcher told PEOPLE that the race would be a bonding experience for her and her daughter, a student at Brown University.

“We have a really close great relationship, but I think that she would say, and I agree with this, that this is different than just going on a trip or spending time together,” Hatcher said.

“Something about the ups and downs of training for such a physical feat as a marathon — that sort of vulnerability, the adversity that you have to get through and pushing through walls together — and having that experience as a team; it’s just a bonding thing that you can’t really replace or have from any other experience,” Hatcher continued. “And I think we both wanted that together.”

On his Instagram, d’Arcy James shared his transportation plan. Alongside a picture of a Citi Bike rack, he wrote, “What do you do when you need to be somewhere at 4:45am before a marathon?”

The Spotlight actor also shared what he dubbed his #postmarathontreat — cookies from Levain Bakery. “This is my version of ‘be good to yourself,'” he explained.

Model Ruby Aldridge, 27, shared on her Instagram Story that she was running for the Parkinson’s Foundation in honor of her father.

“Good morning. Hello,” she said from the bus en route to the marathon. She wrote alongside the video, “No coffee yet.”

Ruby Aldridge/Instagram

She kept her fans updated on her progress. “I am at mile 18, and this is absolutely the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my entire life,” she explained as she ran.

“Actually, I’m at mile 17, so that just means I have to run nine more miles,” she panted in her next post. “Oh my god.”

“That was, hands down, the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” she said when she finished.

“We are really doing this!!” Sports Illustrated model Chase Carter gushed on Instagram.

Chase Carter/Instagram

Olympian Erin Hamlin, 31, thanked her family a day before the race as one of her frequent updates about her training.

“I’d be failing at these shout-outs if I didn’t give a huge one to my fam,” she wrote on Instagram. “Between dad & Ryan being pit crew on long runs at home or biking along (in-between doing loads of wedding prep work), mom rocking runs with me & Sean & Ash making the trip down to cheer me on. Their support is unwavering!!”

“Here. We. Go!” she wrote on Sunday.

Chef Dan Churchill and Michael Chernow, the co-founder of the Meatball Shop, shared a laugh on the bus beforehand.

“Clearly I missed the haircut memo,” Churchill said, giving a nod to Chernow’s unique hairdo that included his children’s names shaved onto the sides of his head.

“The #RoadToNYC ends today. So pumped to crush the @nycmarathon with my amazing coach @RobertoMandje. Good luck to all the runners,” Catfish‘s Nev Schulman, 34, tweeted ahead of time.

Former football star Tiki Barber, 43 — who told PEOPLE in 2015 that he had lost 20 pounds by running marathons — also participated in the race. Three years ago, he said he was in “unbelievable shape” thanks to his hobby.

On Sunday, Mary Keitany of Kenya won in the women’s division, and Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia emerged victorious in the men’s division.

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