"I advise anybody, if they're out there, feeling like they need help, to get it," CC Sabathia said

By Tara Fowler
Updated November 06, 2015 01:50 PM

New York Yankees star CC Sabathia has said that he had “no other option” but to enter rehab for alcohol abuse.

In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America, the 35-year-old pitcher opened up about his decision to leave the Yankees in the middle of the playoffs to seek help.

“Like I said, I know it was a bad time of the season, but I woke up on that Sunday morning in Baltimore and there was no other option for me but to get help,” Sabathia said.

“I understand where, you know, fans would be upset and people would not understand,” he added. “If it was my knee or if it was anything else, then people wouldn’t have a problem with it … You know, it being alcoholism, it was tough for people to swallow, but it’s the same thing.”

Sabathia said that “wanting to be there in the long run” for his family ultimately prompted his decision to enter treatment. “I advise anybody, if they’re out there, feeling like they need help, to get it,” he said.

Now, the pitcher’s looking forward to returning to the mound next season. “Just getting back with my teammates, being back in Yankee Stadium, enjoying the fans and, you know, pitching,” Sabathia told Roberts. “That’s what I love to do, competing. I’ll be back out there 100 percent, ready to go.”