Callie Quinn got the surprise of a lifetime recently after her massive effort to get 500,000 retweets on Twitter

By Char Adams
January 31, 2018 12:44 PM
Mr. Met (left) with Callie Quinn
Courtesy Callie Hayes

New York Mets superfan Callie Quinn got the surprise of a lifetime recently when she showed up at her Staten Island high school to find the beloved team mascot standing in the lobby.

“I thought I was just going into my school for an interview, but then all my friends were there and my family was there,” Quinn, 17, tells PEOPLE. “They started playing the ‘Meet the Mets’ song. So then I walked out and all my favorite teachers were there, and my best friends and my whole family. Then I saw Mr. Met and I was so surprised! It was great!”

The high school senior made headlines earlier this month after team officials told her she could take her prom photos at the famous Citi Field if she managed to get 500,000 retweets on Twitter. Thanks to the support of the Twittersphere, Quinn surpassed the goal.

But little did she know, team officials had another surprise planned for the baseball lover.

Quinn showed up at New Dorp High School on an off day and found Mr. Met holding a bouquet of pink roses and a sign that read “Prom?”

Courtesy Callie Hayes

In Twitter footage of the surprise, Quinn appeared emotional as she accepted the flowers and posed for photos with Mr. Met. She shared shots of the sweet moment on her own Twitter account, writing, “promposal from my favorite baseball mascot.”

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It all began on Jan. 19, when Quinn posted a screenshot of her Twitter exchange with the team. She wrote alongside the photo: “guys!!! if i get 500k retweets this can happen for me!! please help out 💙💙 thank you all!!! .”

Stars like William ShatnerDonnie Wahlberg and Mets pitcher Josh Smoker have supported the teen with the “#CalliesMetsProm.” By Wednesday, Quinn’s post had amassed more than 501,000 retweets.

“It felt absolutely amazing,” she says of reaching 500,000-plus tweets. “I was shocked that I even got 100,000, so to actually reach that goal, I was so surprised that I made it there. It felt like the end to a long journey — even though it was only eight days long.”

The Mets were also thrilled she managed to receive more than half a million retweets.

“She reached her incredible goal! We can’t wait to host Callie at Citi Field on May 18,” the Mets wrote in the Twitter video.

Quinn’s prom isn’t until May 25, but she told ABC that she’s already looking into orange and blue prom dresses.

“I was planning on getting a blue one and that was before the Mets prom idea,” she told the site. “So now I know I have to get one.”