Boyfriend Elbows Girlfriend in the Head to Catch Hockey Puck — Then Gives It to Another Woman!

The girlfriend did not look very pleased during the team's game against the Winnipeg Jets

A note to guys everywhere — even if your favorite athlete just so happens to throw a souvenir your way during a game, it’s probably not worth grabbing if it means you have to elbow your date to get it.

During a game against the Winnipeg Jets on Wednesday, a Colorado Avalanche fan put himself in hot water when a hockey puck tossed by star player Gabriel Landeskog came flying his way. In a slow-motion replay posted to Twitter by Heart of NHL, the man is seen inadvertently hitting his girlfriend’s face with his left arm as he leaps into the air to grab the puck.

But to make matters worse, the man seemingly went against what would be the smartest decision in the situation would have been and handed the puck to a woman sitting in front of him — instead of simply keeping it, or, at the very least, handing it to his girlfriend.

Needless to say, she was not impressed.

The video of the incident shows the man stroking his disappointed date’s knee as she sits with her arms folded, avoiding all eye contact with him. Meanwhile, the woman who was given the puck had a beaming smile on her face. of NHL/Twitter
Heart of NHL/Twitter

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The footage of the incident received thousands of views online, and people on social media were quick to roast the fan’s decision-making.

“They kept running this last night on the tron,” one Twitter user wrote. “That poor guy is gonna pay the rest of his life! Ya gotta love how he consoles her instantly… Sorry dude, its not gonna help.”

“EX-girlfriend now,” wrote another user.

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At least one person who commented on the video claimed to know the man, and explained that the woman he gave the puck to may have been his mother— which would have been a sweet gesture in any other circumstance that didn’t involve elbowing his date in the face.

The Avalanche went on to beat the Jets 7-1, so at least the night wasn’t a total disaster.

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