Bowler Anthony Neuer made history when he hit a 7-10 split during a U.S. Open semifinal matchup on Sunday

Even amateur bowlers know hitting a 7-10 split is one of the hardest feats in the sport — but one professional managed to do just that, live on television, for only the fourth time in history.

Anthony Neuer converted a 7-10 split — AKA knocking both pins down when only the leftmost and rightmost ones remain — while competing in a U.S. Open semifinal matchup on Sunday, according to USA Today.

The 18-year-old, nicknamed the "Ginger Assassin," became only the fourth bowler in history to complete the split on television, and the first to do so live on the air since 1991.

"My goodness, the Ginger Assassin just dropped a 7-10! You bet, kid! You bet!" an announcer screamed after Neuer hit the split. "Oh man, give me some oxygen and water!"

According to USA Today, Neuer is the son of former professional bowler Andy Neuer, who won the PBA Tour title in 1994.

"It was definitely fun," Neuer said after the match. "To start, I was just there to bowl, I just tried to enjoy it, it was really fun."

Anthony Neuer
Anthony Neuer
| Credit: PBA Bowling/Youtube

"It was pretty cool, honestly. I mean, I'm not gonna say it was bad," he added of the split. "I wasn't expecting it. I mean, I was walking away and I looked back and I seen it come across, and I was just shocked."

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While Neuer reached the rare feat on Sunday, he still ended up losing his match to 26-year-old Jakob Butturff, 257-203. Butturff would go on to lose the U.S. Open final to bowler Chris Via, 214-213.