Proud Dad Bill Murray Supports Son Luke During March Madness

The actor's son is an assistant coach for Xavier University's basketball team

Photo: Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Bill Murray is not hiding his proud papa bear status.

The actor’s son is an assistant coach for Xavier University’s basketball team, and Murray was in the stands Thursday cheering them on as they played Maryland in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Murray, 66, was once again the star of various social media reactions and attention, who commented on his passionate reactions during the game.

After their 76-65 win, the Musketeers will take on Florida State University on Saturday for a big second round match up.

Murray has long been a supporter of Xavier University’s basketball team. Last year, his sad reaction to their loss during the second tournament round caught attention.

He told ESPN in 2016 that he gets emotional about things his children are involved in.

“As you’re a parent you’re really proud when you think they might be able to earn their own living, that’s the first flood of emotion that hit me,” Murray told ESPN of his son’s job. “Then, after that, I thought, that I still had two years of eligibility left.”

Said Luke, “We banter about Xavier basketball, a lot.”

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