Naysayers may have had their doubts about the Chicago Cubs, but superfan Bill Murray was ever the optimist

Naysayers may have had their doubts as the Chicago Cubs headed into the 2016 Major League Baseball World Series, but superfan Bill Murray was ever the optimist.

“I never panicked. Of course I thought it was going to happen,” Murray told CSN Chicago after the team won their first World Series in 108 years.

Murray didn’t say if he would return to his hometown to participate in the celebrations, but he did imagine a great time being had on the streets of Chicago.

“I can see it in my mind’s eye,” he told reporters, adding that he imagined there was no violence, although there were probably some missteps among the revelers. “At a time like this, it gets very emotional and you forget there are curbs.”

The 66-year-old actor and comedian encouraged the reporters to get in on the fun, spraying a bottle of champagne as they surrounded him and invited one woman to take a sip.

World Series - Chicago Cubs v Cleveland Indians - Game Seven
Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty

Murray treated another lifelong Cubs fan to the opportunity of a lifetime when he gave her his extra ticket for Game 6 of the series.

Karen Michel says the actor noticed her walking away from the box office before the game, heartbroken, after she was unable to score last minute tickets to the game.

“I thought some people holding tickets might not show up or something, I figured I’d give it a shot but I wasn’t expecting much,” Michel, 54, tells PEOPLE. “It was crazy, Bill walked right by me, grabbed me and gave me a ticket! I said, ‘Where are we going?’ and he said, ‘You can come sit with me!’ ”

Murray escorted Michel to their seats — six rows behind home plate — and the two shared nachos while gabbing about Cubs players and cheering their team on.

“He kept offering me nachos and drinks,” Michel tells PEOPLE. “It was the funniest thing we were chattin’ like old friends!”