ROC Skater Alexandra Trusova Distraught After Silver Medal Finish, Says 'There Is No Happiness'

"Everyone has a gold medal, everyone, but not me," the teenage Russian skater lamented after the women's singles event, multiple outlets reported

Alexandra Trusova
Alexandra Trusova. Photo: Valery SharifulinTASS via Getty Images

The Russian Olympic Committee's new silver medalist is unhappy with her performance during the figure skating women's singles free skate on Thursday.

After a shocking performance from Russian teen Kamila Valieva — who was already shrouded in controversy due to a positive drug test — Alexandra Trusova secured a second-place finish. Trusova had entered the free skate in fourth place following the short program.

But the moments after her victory were not happy ones — cameras showed a visibly distraught Trusova, 17, crying and yelling in her native Russian.

Multiple outlets including Reuters reported that Trusova was lamenting, making comments like, "Everyone has a gold medal, everyone, but not me. I hate skating. I hate it. I hate this sport. I will never skate again. Never."

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"It's impossible. That's now how it should be," she reportedly added.

Later during the press conference, the teenager told reporters that her frustration stemmed from not winning major events despite attempting more and more technically challenging jumps.

Alexandra Trusova
Amin Mohammad Jamali/Getty Images

"I always try to reach a goal, I always add more quads," the 17-year-old said, according to Reuters. "And when I get to that, I will win. This didn't happen, that's why I was upset."

She also said she was unhappy with the results of the competition, stating, "There is no happiness," the AP reported.

Regardless, said that Trusova did see one high point: "I'm very glad that I completed five quadruple jumps. It took me a long time to achieve this. I'm very proud of my accomplishment."

In the 2021 World Championships, Trusova finished with a bronze. She also won a bronze at this year's European Championships.

NBC commentator and Olympic medalist Tara Lipinski noted during Thursday's free skate that Trusova is well-known for her fierce competitive streak, having once said: "Winning is first place, anything else is losing."

Alexandra Trusova
Alexandra Trusova. KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images

Heading into the event, the doping controversy surrounding Trusova's teammate Valieva had already cast a dark cloud over the competition, as organizers had said they would not hold a medal ceremony if the 15-year-old made it to the podium.

Figure Skating – Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Day 13; reactions to kamila velieva
Skater Alexandra Trusova reacts to the women's individual event at the Beijing Winter Olympics.

And she didn't, making a number of uncharacteristic mistakes during the free skate and ending in fourth place with 224.09 points. She had been in first after the short program but got 141.93 for her free skate.

Valieva, like Trusova, was visibly anguished after her skate, weeping while her coach was heard admonishing her performance.

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