Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon are banned from the Olympic closing ceremony after missing curfew

Two Olympic swimmers are banned from the Games’ Closing Cermonies after a night out in Rio ended in missed curfews and a robbery on Tuesday, reports say.

Josh Palmer and Emma McKeon are banned from the ceremony after a night out in Copacabana in which the athletes failed to return to the Olympic Village on time and Palmer was robbed for $1,000, CNN reports.

“McKeon chose to stay the night with swimming friends in the Copa district without informing Team Management,” Australian Olympic Committee chief Kitty Chiller said in a statement according to CNN.

“[Palmer] headed to a beach kiosk with a friend and continued drinking.”

Swim team officials have also imposed a 2 a.m. curfew on all swimmers, a security measure implemented in light of the alleged robbery scandal surrounding swimmer Ryan Lochte, CNN reports.

Palmer told officials that after his friend left, a man approached him and forced him to withdraw $1,000 from a nearby ATM, USA Today reports.

He was found later “disoriented” and without his wallet and phone, according to USA Today. He was taken to the Australian consulate.

“Palmer and McKeon’s behavior was unacceptable and they breached disciplinary protocols,” Chiller said in the statement, according to USA Today. “I have raised the need for the swimming team leader to ensure he is aware of his athlete’s whereabouts when leaving the Olympic Village.”

Chiller wrote in the statement that McKeon violated team rules by not telling team management where she was. And the swimmer took to Twitter on Thursday to vent her frustrations.

“To clarify, I’ve followed AOC safety protocol in not traveling to village alone,” she tweeted. “My error was not texting my team manager. #noclosingforme.”

Along with being banned from Sunday’s Closing Ceremonies, the pair are prohibited from leaving the Olympic Village between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m., the Wall Street Journal reports.