The Houston Astros went on to defeat the Oakland Athletics 9-1


Just call him Neo.

Houston Astros pitcher Collin McHugh won the praise of baseball fans everywhere on Tuesday night when he managed to somehow avoid a drive right at his face with a move many are comparing to The Matrix.

After pitching a fastball to Oakland Athletics’ Kendry Morales, the ball sailed straight back toward the mound. McHugh can be seen on video leaning backward as the ball flew over his throat.

Though McHugh fell to the mound, the Astros were able to end the inning with a double play.

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Houston Astros Collin McHugh The Matrix
Credit: MLB

Reaction on Twitter was quick, with even the Athletics getting into the fun, the A’s on NBCS’ account tweeting, “This is something right out of the Matrix.”

McHugh also reacted to the social media frenzy his quick reflexes caused, tweeting the video and writing, “My ring finger says, ‘Excuse me, that’s a 1-6-3 DP’ My jaw says, ‘


.’ ” (A 1-6-3 DP is a type of double play that occurs when the ball is hit to the pitcher before being thrown to the shortstop to get a runner out. It is then thrown to the first baseman to get the batter out.)

The Astros went on to defeat the Athletics 9-1.