The third time Olympian has already earned a silver medal in the Rio Olympics
Credit: Natacha Pisarenko/AP; Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Did Leonardo DiCaprio take up archery?

Olympics fans are doing double takes when it comes to American archer Brady Ellison, comparing his looks to the Oscar winner.

Instead of an Academy Award, 27-year-old Ellison will be adding another silver medal to his trophy case after helping Team U.S.A. take second place in Rio on Saturday.

Still, Twitter users were quick to put Ellison’s bow and arrow skills aside to talk about his resemblance to DiCaprio.

“Leo DiCaprio enjoying some time off from acting to play archery in the Rio Olympics,” wrote one fan.

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Although he’s not starring in any blockbuster films, Ellison is making his mark on the sport of archery. These are his third Olympic Games, and he’s more confident than ever.

The Arizona-based archer spoke with the San Diego Union Tribune about his journey to Rio and his desire to be one of the best in the sport.

“It’s important to me because whenever I get out of sport I do want to be known as the best who’s ever lived,” Ellison said. “But it’s not what drives me. I love to shoot. I love to compete. Yes, I want to win those things. I’m disappointed when I don’t. But I’m going to be here a long time. I hope that I get to shoot for another 20 years. I have time.”

Ellison is set to appear in the men’s individual competition next week.

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