Coach Andy Reid Says He Hopes Chiefs' New Super Bowl Rings Help Him Score Free Cheeseburgers

Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs received their Super Bowl rings Tuesday

Andy Reid
Photo: Chris O'Meara/AP/Shutterstock

The Chiefs' head coach Andy Reid isn’t shy about his love for cheeseburgers.

When the Kansas City football team beat the 49ers at the Super Bowl in February, Reid told reporters that he capped off the exciting evening with “the biggest cheeseburger you’ve ever seen.” About six months later, the team has received their rings and the coach has shared that he will hopefully use his to get free burgers.

“You wear it for special occasions,” Reid, 62, said of the Super Bowl ring during a press conference Tuesday. “Or if you want a free cheeseburger, you point that right there, show ‘em that ring and you might get one.”

In addition to his postgame cheeseburger in February, Reid shared that he spent the night following the Super Bowl with a Pitbull playlist and the true prize in his eyes: his wife Tammy Reid.

“I didn’t really sleep last night, but I didn’t spend it with the trophy,” joked Reid. “Well, I did — I spent it with my trophy wife, how’s that?”

He continued: “I listened to Pitbull, that’s what I did. He was unbelievable; he’s got great endurance, I’ll tell ya. Unbelievable endurance, that guy has.”

Andy Reid poses with wife Tammy
Jamie Squire/Getty

He has been married to Tammy for almost 4 years, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer, and their family — children Britt, Spencer, Crosby and Drew Ann — all gathered to watch as the coach led his squad to a triumphant end to the season at the Super Bowl.

Their other child, son Garrett, died of a drug overdose in 2012 at age 29, but the family said they felt him at the stadium with them.

“The fact that we were all here, that was amazing,” Tammy said at the time, according to the Inquirer. “Except for ‘G.’ So sad, but I know he’s watching us.”

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