Bud Light unveiled a teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl ad featuring the comedic duo of Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen

By Jodi Guglielmi
Updated January 22, 2016 03:05 PM
Credit: Source: Bud Light

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen are getting ready – and apparently that includes a pair of Spanx, some pantyhose and a bottle of lotion.

Bud Light unveiled a teaser for its upcoming Super Bowl commercial featuring the comedic duo of Schumer, 34, and Rogen, 33.

In the election-themed 30-second clip, Schumer quickly gets dressed in Spanx, pantyhose and pearls, while Rogen takes bit more time prepping with pantyhose, talcum powder and – why not? – a snack.

When it comes time for Rogen to apply his lotion, he attempts to enlist Schumer for help.

“Can you get the middle of my back?” he asks.

As Schumer checks out his back, a confused look on her face, she responds, “There is no middle.”

Eventually, they crack a couple beers and stick on pins that read “The Bud Light Party” before confirming that they are both “ready.”

But ready for what?

The answer to that question will be answered at the Super Bowl 50 on Feb. 7.

Schumer’s boyfriend, Ben Hanisch, showed his unwavering support for his leading lady on the same day the video clip was released.

Posting a black-and-white photo of Schumer looking out the window of an airplane, he captioned the picture, “When you find her, risk everything.”

The image joins the likes of a handful of loving snaps the two have posted since confirming their relationship earlier this month.