American Luge Champion Chris Mazdzer Is Engaged — All About His Romantic Proposal

"I'm feeling like I'll never stop being over the moon about it," Mara Marian wrote of the engagement

American luge champion Chris Mazdzer knows ice!

The 2018 Olympic silver medalist proposed to girlfriend Mara Marian last week, the couple shared on social media, showing off her beautiful diamond ring.

“I flew back early for @mara_marian birthday (which she knew ahead of time) but what she didn’t know was that I was going to propose,” Mazdzer, 31, wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of the happy couple. “#shesaidyes but it did require me to say ‘just like you’re sitting in the exit row of an airplane I’m going to need a verbal confirmation’ because she couldn’t take her hands away from her mouth!”

According to Mazdzer’s now-fiancée, he prepared an emotional and sentimental tribute.

“On my birthday Chris flew in from Norway to be with me and we took Kiki on a walk, to a park in the neighborhood where my family first lived when we immigrated to the U.S.,” wrote Marian. “It’s a park we’ve visited before, and because he had just landed, I didn’t suspect the engagement. There in the park, playing fetch with Kiki, Chris dropped down to one knee and asked me to marry him — in Romanian!!”

She continued, “I stood there covering my mouth and crying overwhelmed with shock and happiness, Chris explained that because I started my life in the U.S. there on that street, that he wanted us to start our life together on that street too.”

Marian said she feels “unbelievably whole” with the athlete, adding of their engagement, “I’m feeling like I’ll never stop being over the moon about it – I can’t stop smiling!”

Chris Mazdzer/Instagram

Mazdzer competed on season 26 of Dancing with the Stars, telling PEOPLE at the time that Marian is “so supportive of everything I do.”

He added that Marian, whose event planning business is based out of Salt Lake City, is instrumental when it comes to helping him get psyched up for all of his challenges.

“She gave me the best pep talk the second day of the Olympics,” he revealed. “Getting that beforehand and to be able to have her here [tonight] — it’s so nice having family, having a girlfriend, having friends here.”

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