Aly Raisman's Mom on Getting to Watch Her Daughter's Dreams Come True

Aly Raisman's mom tells PEOPLE about the joy of watching her daughter achieve her goals


There’s a lot of pressure on Aly Raisman every time she competes. Any mistake, no matter how small, could be the difference between winning the gold or going home without a medal.

But the 22-year-old is not the only one who feels the pressure. Her parents, Lynn and Rick Raisman, were also on pins and needles throughout the Games, as evidenced by their now-infamous nervous reaction viral video.

In this week’s issue of PEOPLE, Lynn Raisman talks about her reaction – and how it feels to watch her daughter compete.

“I laughed when I saw the video, beacuse I was just so nervous,” she says. “I was probably more nervous than Aly. Our family had always loved the Olympics, long before Aly told me that this was what she wanted to do.”

“So to have your daughter in the Olympics is absolutely amazing,” Raisman continues, “but there’s a lot of pressure. Everything they’ve worked for for years is now happening, and it all comes down to a few seconds on some pieces of equipment. So it’s really nerve-wracking, because the stakes are just so high!”

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Despite the pressure, Raisman says that it’s gratifying to watch her daughter compete. “Her dreams have come true and we got to watch it happen,” she says. “It’s such a unique experience; most parents don’t get to watch their kids’ dreams come true so clearly, but we saw it here in Rio.”

One of the best moments: when Aly’s showstopping floor routine clinched the silver medal in the all-around competition. “I think Aly cried because she really, really wanted it,” says Raisman. “She wanted to do well. She had medaled in something that she wanted so much. It was a wonderful moment for her.”

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With the Games winding down, what’s next for they gymnasts? “After the girls get back, they’ll have some time, and then they’ll start touring,” says Raisman. “They’re really excited about that. Then they’ll see what the next big adventure is!”

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