Aly Raisman Agrees to Date with Raiders Tight End Colton Underwood

The pair will meet in September

Photo: Source: USA Gymnastics/YouTube

What’s Aly Raisman doing after Rio?

Apparently mixing gymnastics and football, as she’s recently agreed to go on a double date with Raiders tight end Colton Underwood, and his teammate Andrew East who is married to fellow Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson.

In a video from Yahoo! Sports, Underwood, 24, makes an appearance letting the 22-year-old know that if she’s “ever in San Jose and want to go on a double-date with me and Andrew and Shawn, let me know.”

Raisman is definitely up to it.

“They’ve actually told me about him before – he’s very cute,” she said in the video. “Yeah, I would go on a date with him.”

Lucky for Underwood, Raisman is scheduled to visit the area within the next month.

“@Colt3FIVE thanks for the sweet video…. Looking forward to meeting you :),” she wrote on Twitter.

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Underwood later responded, “Anytime! Looking forward to meeting you too. Safe travels back, see you soon!”

While the pair is ready for their face-to-face meeting, there’s no telling where a date might lead as Raisman – a Massachusetts native – is unsure about having a long-distance boyfriend.

“I’ve never done a long-distance relationship before, so I can’t really say, but obviously it’s more convenient if they’re closer to you,” she said in the video.

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