Allyson Felix Says the Pandemic Forced Her to 'Get Creative' About Training for the Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics were rescheduled to July and August 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic

Allyson Felix
Allyson Felix. Photo: Andy Lyons/Getty

Allyson Felix has been staying flexible when it comes to finding ways to keep up her training regimen amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

While chatting with PEOPLE to promote her partnership with Bose and their Bose Frames Tempo, the 35-year-old sprinter says that the ongoing health crisis has altered how she trains and forced her to think outside of the box ahead of the 2020 Summer Olympics, which were rescheduled to July and August 2021.

Detailing that her time as an athlete amid the pandemic has been "really challenging," Felix tells PEOPLE exclusively, "I've trained at parks and in the street and kind of empty baseball fields," before noting that she has worked out "all over the place."

"The stay-at-home orders have really been a struggle," she adds. "Our facilities have been shut down and we've had to really turn to get creative."

But despite the change in routine, Felix says she keeps a positive attitude and notes that it is "really just being able to pivot."

"I think that's what everyone is facing [and] trying to figure out," she says. "So I'm in the same boat, just taking it day by day and doing the most with what I can."

The track and field star tells PEOPLE she was admittedly not so at peace with the decision when the Tokyo Games were first pushed back.

"It was something that was really hard to deal with," Felix says. "As an Olympic athlete, timing is everything and you make so many sacrifices to be able to be ready in the moment. So when I learned that it wasn't going to be happening, it was pretty crushing."

She adds: "I had to take space to deal with that, to grieve that, and then pick up the pieces and figure out how am I going to be ready a year from now?"

Felix says she was able to "put things in perspective," however, and recognize that she was not the only one dealing with loss.

"Everyone has been experiencing loss in some form, whether that's the extreme of loss of life or loss of jobs," she shares. "It quickly reminds me of how much I'm blessed with and [that I have] so many things to be grateful for."

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So now, Felix is expertly preparing for the Games with the help of Bose and their Bose Frames Tempo, a pair of high-performance sport sunglasses that allow users "to hear your music and your surroundings at the same time for a workout unlike any other," per their website.

With an innovative design that is both sweat-resistant and water-resistant, the sunglasses offer Felix a chance to jam out and prep for the games.

"I love that they're designed specifically for sports because they have such a secure fit, they're comfortable and they've just really been an asset to my training. Whether it's the intense stuff that's for my profession or if it's just casually going for a run," she notes. "I've loved really integrating them into my everyday training plan."

And one artist the athlete loves to listen to while using the frames? Beyoncé.

"I’m a huge fan," Felix tells PEOPLE. "I really love upbeat music that gets me feeling ready to get into my alter ego and tackle whatever's coming my way."

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