Greg Olsen's Family: All About the NFL Broadcaster's Wife and Kids

Greg Olsen has been married to his wife Kara since 2009 and together they have three children: son Tate and twins Talbot and T.J.

Greg Olsen Family
Photo: Greg Olsen Instagram

NFL broadcaster Greg Olsen wears many hats: He's a retired NFL tight end, sports analyst and volunteer baseball coach, but most importantly, he is a husband and father.

Greg has been married to his wife Kara Olsen since 2009 after meeting each other while students at the University of Miami. Since then, the couple have welcomed three children together: son Tate as well as twins, Talbot and T.J. The family also has a German Shepherd, Tuck.

After 14 years in the NFL, Greg retired to become a broadcaster in 2021. He spent the majority of his career with the Carolina Panthers, although he played his final football season with the Seattle Seahawks in 2020.

In March 2022, the NFL commentator and his wife Kara celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. He marked the occasion on Instagram, writing, "Atleast one of us looks the same 😂 Happy 13th anniversary to my best friend! @karaolsen29 ❤️," alongside a photo from their wedding day and a more recent picture.

The former Carolina Panther also served as FOX Sport's lead NFL analyst during the 2023 Super Bowl on Feb. 12, 2023, where the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles.

Here's everything to know about Greg Olsen's wife and kids.

He met his wife Kara at the University of Miami

Greg Olsen and his wife Kara
Greg Olsen Instagram

Greg and Kara met when they were both freshmen at the University of Miami, where Kara (who was 17 at the time and Greg was 18) caught Greg's eye in a pair of shorts.

"She had short shorts on. They said 'CANES' across the butt. … I remember them. I remember you in them," he told The Charlotte Observer in 2019.

Their relationship started as a friendship, with the couple hanging out in Kara's dorm watching shows like The Bachelor and MTV's Newlyweds. Their friendship turned romantic, however, when Kara went on a date with someone else — and Greg was "jealous."

"I remember [Greg] sat outside the dorms and watched as I left and asked me what time I was going to be back," Kara recalled to the Observer.

The future NFL pro then asked Kara out on a date, and the two had dinner at PF Chang's and then saw the movie Mean Girls.

"We're kind of boring," Kara told the outlet. "I don't know how exciting our love story is."

He and Kara have three kids

Greg Olsen Family
Greg Olsen Instagram

After tying the knot in 2009, Greg and Kara went on to have three children together. Their first son, Tate, was born around the time Greg was traded to the Carolina Panthers from the Chicago Bears.

Not long after, the couple welcomed twins, daughter Tate and son T.J.

His older son Tate is a big sports fan

Greg Olsen and his son, Tate
Greg Olsen Instagram

Like his dad, Tate loves football. Tate plays Pop Warner football, and Greg shared on Instagram in November 2022 that Tate's team won a city championship.

He also plays baseball with his brother, T.J. Their dad Greg is also a volunteer baseball coach for Tate's team, according to ESPN. Greg shared a tribute to Tate's hard work as a baseball player (he's a pitcher) on Instagram in July 2021.

"I typically don't post about my kids playing sports. Every now and then though we share an experience that is too good not to share," he wrote in part. "I am so proud of Tate and his entire team for all they accomplished. The hard work, personal sacrifice, struggles and triumphs are teaching these boys the lessons only sports can teach you."

He added, "Being a dad can be stressful and full of doubt. But man is it fun!!"

Tate also is a fan of Top Gun and he and his brother dressed up like Maverick and Goose for Halloween in 2022.

His son T.J. underwent a heart transplant in 2021

Greg Olsen family
Greg Olsen Instagram

T.J. was born on Oct. 9, 2012, with a rare heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. This condition meant that T.J. was born with half a heart, which required him to undergo multiple surgeries throughout his life. In May 2021, T.J. was admitted to the hospital for heart failure and was added to the heart transplant list.

Greg's younger son later found a donor match, and the NFL commentator shared a sweet video of T.J. telling his siblings the good news.

Ultimately, T.J. received a heart transplant on June 4, 2021. Three days after his surgery, T.J. shared a message on social media on his dad Greg's Instagram.

"Hi, everybody. Thank you for thinking of me. Thank you for praying with me," he said. "We love you guys, bye."

Two weeks later, T.J. got to ring the bell at the hospital and Greg shared a video of the happy event on Instagram, writing, "Ever since TJ was admitted into the ICU a little less than a month ago in heart failure, we would lay in bed at night and talk about 'ringing the bell.' We didn't know what that journey would look like or how long it would take, but he promised @karaolsen29 and I that he was going to ring it."

In October 2022, T.J. met one of his football idols, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers, one year after his heart transplant. T.J. also enjoys playing football and baseball.

He celebrated his daughter's 10th birthday with a daddy-daughter trip

Greg Olsen and his daughter, Talbot
Greg Olsen Instagram

Talbot is Greg and Kara's only daughter. For her 10th birthday in October 2022, Kara joined her father on a special birthday trip to Los Angeles. "Celebrated my little girl turning 10 w/ my team @nflonfox this weekend in LA. What a fun trip for the two of us to spend quality time together on the road! #girldad ," he wrote alongside a photo of the father-daughter duo sitting behind the announcer's desk.

In June 2021, Talbot and her brother T.J. celebrated their first communion before T.J. underwent his heart transplant. She also loves to swim and enjoys boat outings. She is even a youth cheerleader.

He and Kara run a foundation together

Greg Olsen and his wife Kara
Greg Olsen Instagram

The couple founded The Heartest Yard Foundation, a family relief program for pediatric cardiovascular patients, in 2013 following T.J.'s diagnosis.

"While we are in the hospital we make sure it is clear that we are only there as T.J.'s family," Greg told PEOPLE in 2016. "We enjoy getting to know the other families and being a support system for one another." He continued, "We have received just as much support as we have given over the years. The [congenital heart defect] family network is incredibly strong and tight knit. It is something truly special."

Pediatric cardiology nurse Kari Crawford also told PEOPLE of the foundation, "It allows parents the opportunity to have some peace of mind while home that they have someone to help them out — allows them to be normal with other children."

He and Kara enjoy doing yoga together

Greg Olsen and his wife Kara
Greg Olsen Instagram

Greg and his wife share a love of fitness and have documented their exercises over the years. In 2017, Kara posted a video of her and her son riding Peloton bikes together.

She also brought Greg to a core-centric workout yoga class at Hilliard Studio Method with her in 2020, which he opened up about on Twitter. "UPDATE: Husband is exhausted," he tweeted following the class.

"I don't mind being with a bunch of chicks," Greg told The Charlotte Observer of doing yoga with his wife in the off-season. "I'm around boys non-stop. I'm totally cool having a break from dudes."

He and his wife have a "bucket list" of things they want to do together

Greg Olsen (L) and Kara Dooley attend 6th Annual NFL Honors at Wortham Theater Center on February 4, 2017 in Houston, Texas
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

In 2019 — when Greg was still playing for the Carolina Panthers — he and Kara discussed their relationship with The Charlotte Observer. "Greg and I have always found a good balance," she told the outlet. "In his moments of weakness, I try to step in. In my moments of weakness, he's always done a good job of stepping in. When we see older couples we joke about what we'll do once the kids are out of the house and we both retire from whatever we do after football. We want to travel. We like to eat. We have a long bucket list of things we want to do together."

Greg added, "We are very lucky. But there's no perfect story. This is not a movie."

The retired NFL player also spoke highly of Kara's parenting skills. He added, "She cooks, she's a great mom, she's always taking care of the kids. She's in the backyard with the dog. She never sits, never naps, never even watches TV. I don't know how she does it."

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