Inspired by her Olympic heroes, Alicia Vikander even tried her hand at the sport

Alicia Vikander is such a fan of curling she dubbed it one of the sexiest sports sweeping the 2018 Winter Olympics!

The actress, 32, was among the many to cheer on the male and female curlers during the Games. “It’s very addictive to watch … I love that curling is becoming a sexy sport,” Vikander told USA Today on Monday.

Though the Tomb Raider star’s native country of Sweden was defeated by the American team for gold, Vikander has much respect for the athletes who make it look easy.

“Whoever is competing at the Olympics is really a superhero,” said Vikander, who is the latest actress to step into the iconic shoes of Lara Croft, for which she trained martial arts and gained 12 lbs. of muscle.

ZFF Masters: Alicia Vikander - 13th Zurich Film Festival
Alicia Vikander in September 2017
| Credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty

While Sweden’s men’s curling team earned silver, the country’s women’s team dominated against South Korea to take home the gold.

Inspired by her Olympic heroes, Vikander even tried her hand at the sport.

“I was like Bambi on the ice, I fell over a lot,” she said. “And I always ended up smashing [the curling rock] against the wall. It’s so delicate, the amount of force required.”

Curling - Winter Olympics Day 11
Matt Hamilton of United States’ men’s curling team
| Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty

Vikander wasn’t the only celebrity to enthusiastically spectate from outside PyeongChang.

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J.J. Watt, Mr. T and other stars live-tweeted during the curling competitions with the actor and retired professional wrestler writing the hashtag #curlingiscoolfool.

Yet actress Kirstie Alley publicly expressed her disinterest for curling when she tweeted that she thought the sport was “boring.”

The U.S. curlers got into a Twitter spat with Alley by responding with a tweet of their own: “We’re not trying to be mean either but your movies weren’t exactly riveting theater Kirstie.”

Tomb Raider hits theaters March 16.