Adam Rippon talks to PEOPLE editor-in-chief Jess Cagle about his last relationship, what he looks for in a guy and why he's "fully embraced" being single

By Jess Cagle and Adam Carlson
March 15, 2018 10:10 AM

Being single may scare some people, but it doesn’t terrify Adam Rippon.

In the latest episode of The Jess Cagle Interview, the Olympic medal-winning figure skater reveals he split from his longtime boyfriend last year — and he’s not exactly racing to get back into a relationship.

But the idea is not totally off his mind, either.

“I think in the last few months I’ve been so focused on myself that in a way, I think that if I am to meet somebody I want it to happen organically,” Rippon, 28, tells PEOPLE editor-in-chief Jess Cagle in the above clip from their sit-down.

Still, he admits with a sardonic shrug, “I’ve tried Tinder and Grindr and everything. I’m only human.”

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Last summer, leading up to February’s Winter Games, Rippon says he made the choice to end things with his boyfriend of two years: “This was my third Olympic cycle and I was like, ‘I cannot have any regrets.’

“Everything was great with him, he was a great guy, but I felt like I really needed to focus on myself,” Rippon says, adding, “I was lucky that my ex-boyfriend is such a nice person that we’re still friends now.”

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Adam Rippon
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Citing the advice of a friend, Rippon says, “Your whole human experience is done on your own, so you shouldn’t spend any time with people who don’t inspire you.

“I think a lot of people are afraid to be single and I fully embraced it, because I have really invested a lot of time into thinking about: What do I want to do?” he also says. “What’s important to me? What gives me the most energy? What inspires me the most? If I can meet a guy that falls into that and is supportive of that, that’s great.”

Rippon, who has cheekily described himself as “America’s sweetheart,” helped Team USA win a bronze medal in the figure skating team event at the Olympics last month, and returned stateside to a bevy of fans — including stars such as Reese Witherspoon.

Adam Rippon (right) with Shawn Mendes
| Credit: Adam Rippon/Twitter

There has also been no shortage of runs-in with those Rippon has crushed on and those doing the crushing.

He got a selfie with Shawn Mendes at the Oscars earlier this month after shouting out the singer during an Ellen appearance. Days later, he ran into Sally Field’s son after the actress playfully pushed them to meet.

As Cagle tells Rippon, “A lot of people were shipping you and other people at the Olympics.”

It’s true, Rippon says, “There was a lot of shipping.”