March 09, 2018 04:34 PM

Gus Kenworthy may be an Olympic skier — but has he added matchmaker to his impressive resume?

Adam Rippon and Kenworthy became best friends while at the 2018 Winter Olympics, but according to the figure skater, there just wasn’t enough time for his BFF to try and set him up with anybody while they were in South Korea.

“We were living in two different villages,” the 28-year-old tells People Now, adding that even though the pair stayed in touch the whole time “there wasn’t really time for any matchmaking.”

Although Rippon did say his bestie has plans to set him up on a date in the future.

“Gus says he has a few friends that he wants to introduce me to and who am I to say no?” he adds.

Gus Kentworthy/Twitter

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And what exactly is the Olympic figure skater looking for in a boyfriend?

“I’m looking for somebody who has a passion in their life, goes to the gym, has a great work ethic, and more than anything, has to be able to make me laugh,” he explains.

But when it came to describe what kind of boyfriend he is, Rippon didn’t waste any time before calling himself a “handful.”

Jokingly he added, “No, I’m actually pretty easy-going. I mean, obviously. I’m a low maintenance kind of guy.”

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Rippon also reveals that if you are trying to get his attention, sliding into his DMs with a scantily-clad picture isn’t going to work.

“Here’s the thing, your best step isn’t pee-pee first,” he says. 

“I mean, it gets my attention,” he adds, “but there’s no mystery.”

But even though he’s still single, Rippon says he’s “not really worried about it.”

“I’m sort of under the impression that if I kind of focus on me, focus on everything that I have coming up, I’ll have a chance to meet a lot of people,” he adds.

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