Aaron Rodgers Loses Beer Chugging Challenge — and Matthew Stafford Shows Him How It's Done

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback came up short against other fellow athletes when it came to downing a beer

During Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals, for a moment, all eyes turned to Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who was suddenly thrown into a cross-the-court beer chugging competition with fellow teammate, David Bakhtiari, live on camera.

The Packers duo appeared in Milwaukee Thursday night to support the Bucks as they took on the Toronto Raptors, but stole the show during a beer-drinking timeout. The arena’s cameras introduced Bakhtiari in the crowd, who proceeded to effortlessly chugged two beers so easily that they might as well have been fresh, mountain spring water. As the audience cheered his feat, the cameras then turned to Rodgers, 35, who picked up his brew and began chugging, but was unable to successful down the entire beer.

Bakhtiari, a left tackle for the Packers, then rubbed salt in Rodgers’ wounds when the cameras returned to him and he managed to chug a third beer much to the excitement of the roaring audience.

But that was just the beginning of the court-side chugging matches.

To further add to Rodgers’ shame, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher, Christian Yelich, stood up and successfully downed his brew, leaving Rodgers to do nothing but shake his head and point out that the MLB star’s cup wasn’t entirely full to begin with. But the Milwaukee crowd didn’t seem to mind and continued to cheer Yelich on.

As the video of Rodgers’ chugging failure went viral, the New England Patriots reposted a video of quarterback Tom Brady downing a beer within seconds, beating talk show host Stephen Colbert.

Later on, Kelly Stafford, wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, posted a video of her husband quickly chugging a beer while watching the Bucks game at a restaurant (he even looks bored while doing it).

“King of the North,” Kelly, captioned the Instagram post.

This isn’t the first time Rodgers has been in the spotlight while away from the football field this year.

Earlier this month, Rodgers watched as another man bought his girlfriend, Danica Patrick, a drink while they attended another Bucks game.

The football star then made a cameo appearance in the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones, and slammed the finale a week later.

“Look, I love the opportunity to be in the show, which most people probably don’t think I was, but I was there,” Rodgers said. “I love the show, but the writers are also doing Star Wars, so I think they might have been a little busy.”

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