A longtime fan of the Pittsburg Pirates, Catherine Kyle had never attended a game — til now

You’re never too old for a ballgame.

On Saturday, soon-to-be 99-year-old Catherine Kyle finally checked attending a Pittsburg Pirates game off her bucket list.

Despite living nearby Carnegie, Pennsylvania and being a huge Pirates fan, Kyle had never been to a game. But in celebration of her 99th birthday, her family took her out to the ballgame to witness the Pirates take on the Cincinnati Reds at PNC Park.

“I was really surprised,” Kyle told CNN of her birthday gift. “They like to surprise me.”

Kyle’s family wore matching yellow T-shirts that read “Catherine’s Crew” for the outing with all 16 of her children, grandchildren and great children attending the game, according to her granddaughter, Donna Kinzler.

Kinzler also told the outlet that a cousin of theirs was a Pirates seasons ticket holder, and offered to buy the tickets to give Kyle for her ultimate birthday gift from the family.

The long-time Pirates fan, who turns 99 on Sept. 9, said she was most looking forward to the “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” tune during the 7th inning, she told CBS Pittsburgh.

“They’re a bunch of nice guys,” she added of the Pirates players.

Kyle’s birthday also brought some good luck for the team as they defeated the Reds, 14-0.

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Kyle told CNN that she had long watched Pirates games on TV with her husband Jack.

“I feel special,” she said of her family’s generous gift.

With two more weeks till Kyle’s big day, her family has plenty more celebrations in store for her — including a special tea party that is planned for Sunday, according to CNN.