9-Year-Old Accidentally Wins 10K Race After Missing a Turn on a 5K: 'My Mom's Gonna Yell at Me'

Kade Lovell didn't mean to run the 10K race, but did so anyway - and won

Boy accidentally wins 10k

A 9-year-old Minnesota boy had no intentions of running a 10K race — but that didn’t stop him from winning it anyway.

Heather Lovell was ready and waiting on the sidelines to cheer on her son Kade as he ran by during the St. Francis Franny Flyer 5K in Sartell, Minnesota, on Sept. 21, the St. Cloud Times reports.

But as time went by and Kade was nowhere to be seen, Heather grew concerned, even driving the route of the 5K in search of her son.

“I had everyone looking for him, even a fireman,” she said. “I was like, ‘You need to go find my son.’ I was bawling. This had never happened before.”

Eventually, Lovell’s brother-in-law, who was running the same race’s 10K route, received word from a spectator that there was a young boy running the 10K, too — and he was doing “really well.”

As it turns out, that boy was Kade, who’d accidentally found himself running the 10K (6.2 miles) instead of the 5K (3.11 miles).

Both races reportedly follow similar routes, but in order to run the 5K, Kade was supposed to take a turn that he accidentally missed.

“I was just running. As soon as I saw the 5K turn, a lady told me to keep going straight, so I kept going straight,” he told the Times. “I was a little confused.”

He eventually noticed his mistake when he saw a 10K sign.

“I was like, ‘This is not a 5K,’ ” he told CBS affiliate WCCO. “Then, once I turned around, I was like, ‘Oh, my mom’s gonna yell at me.’ ”

Though Heather admits she went from “freaking out to mad,” any anger dissipated once she and Kade realized that not only did he run the 10K — he won it.

“He actually probably did better than he normally does because he was trying to finish and in panic mode,” she told the Times. “I’m like, well, now you’ve got that under your belt.”

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Kade completed the 10K in just 48 minutes, crossing the finish line one minute before the 40-year-old man who came in second place, the Times reports. He was also significantly younger than most of his competitors, as the average age of the top 10 finishers was 38-years-old.

“I was scared out of my wits. But now, we laugh about it. It will probably be a story he tells his kids,” Lovell said. “It’s one we’ll never let him forget. Remember that time you accidentally won a 10K?”

Lovell told the outlet that Kade loves to run, and picked up cross country at 6. He was running the 5K as a way to train for the Junior Olympics, where he’s competed before and hopes to do so again this year in Wisconsin.

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