The 6-year-old coach had a too-cute tantrum after being ejected from a Kalamazoo Growlers game on Sunday

By Matt McNulty
July 17, 2019 01:26 PM
Kalamazoo Growlers/Twitter

A 6-year-old coach for the Kalamazoo Growlers was tossed out of a game in Michigan this week, and his ensuing meltdown proved to be as hilarious as it was adorable.

“Coach Drake” returned to the field on Sunday after his pep talk with starting pitcher David Toth went viral on Twitter last week, but the pint-sized tough guy was ejected in the seventh inning after kicking dirt onto an umpire’s shoes during an in-game argument with officials.

The Growlers, who are part of the Northwoods summer baseball league for college players, posted video of Coach Drake’s tantrum following his unceremonious ejection.

Drake can be seen balling his fists as he storms off the field, only to return with bats and a bucket of baseballs, which he tossed onto the diamond before spiking his hat on the ground and huffing and puffing his way back to the dugout.

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"Coach Drake"
Kalamazoo Growlers/Twitter

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The youngster has earned a fiery reputation as a baseball coach already, with announcers noting that Drake holds the Northwoods league record for ejections, USA Today reported.

The Growlers ultimately lost to the Woodchucks 12-9.