Tony Picard is 17 years old and huge – in fact, he's already a legend as far as Washington State high school football is concerned

By Nate Jones
November 20, 2013 05:45 PM
Gordon King/Yakima Herald-Republic/AP

Professional football is a game of rigorously sorted body types. Wide receivers are tall and skinny, offensive linemen are tall and fat, and running backs are short and squat.

Tony Picard, of the Yakama Indian Nation in Washington State, is out to change that last one.

The 6′ 4″ (and by some accounts 6′ 5"), 400 lb. high-school football player started his career at Washington State’s White Swan High School anchoring the defensive line. In an unconventional move straight out of Friday Night Lights, however, his coach moved Picard to running back, and a viral sensation was born.

Outweighing the defenders tasked with bringing him down by hundreds of pounds, Picard brushed across the gridiron like a wrecking ball – resulting in a highlight reel that has racked up more than 3 million views on YouTube.

Picard finished his senior season with over 700 yards. As you might expect, he was considerably successful near the goal line, scoring 15 touchdowns. Although Picard is not unusually fast, he is an extremely tough force to take down. According to his White Swan coach, it typically takes five defenders to stop him.

The gargantuan running back says he hopes to play collegiate ball at Washington State. (Like many high-school football players, he also has ambitions of going pro.) Picard will likely have to switch back to being a lineman to continue his career, but for one fleeting season, the dream of BEEFTANK became a reality.

Watch Picard’s high-school highlight reel below:

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