November 13, 2016 11:51 AM

After waiting 108 years for a World Series title for her favorite baseball team, Mabel Ball died a happy woman.

Six days after lifelong Chicago Cubs fan Mabel Ball witnessed the team’s second World Series championship in her lifetime, she suffered a heart attack, her son told the Chicago Tribune.

Source: Sarah Schulte/Twitter
Source: Sarah Schulte/Twitter

“The cruel irony, the almost unbelievable irony, is that the person who waits and waits and waits, after it happens, says, ‘I’ve done what I’ve got to do, and I’m out of here,'” her son Rich Ball, 75, said. “It ain’t funny, but it’s funny.”

Although Mabel didn’t see a game at Wrigley Field until her 90th birthday, she listened to the Cubs on the radio and taught her family to love them as well.


Mabel, who was born in 1908 when the Cubs last called themselves world champions, became a mini-celebrity due to her long devotion to the baseball team. However, her son says the attention didn’t faze her.

When Rich told his mother that she a celebrity all over the TV and newspapers, she responded, “It’s a lot of nonsense.”

“That was her, all over,” Rich said. “She was already a great person. You couldn’t make her bigger by calling her a celebrity.”

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