Normal Lloyd watched Game 2 of the World Series on Wednesday — 91 years after attending the big game in 1926
Credit: Keith Olbermann/Twitter

Norman Lloyd watched Babe Ruth rip his pants at Yankee Stadium during the 1926 World Series. And this week, he finally got another chance to attend the Fall Classic — more than 90 years later.

“It is wonderful to be at a World Series again,” Lloyd told the Los Angeles Times. “Baseball has always remained a passion for me, and I followed it religiously.”

Lloyd, who turns 103 in November, first attended the World Series when he was just 12 years old, and watched the St. Louis Cardinals take on the Yankees in Game 1, according to the publication.

“The Yankees had — now it’s like talking about a great religious figure — Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig and some other wonderful people, like Tony Lazzeri and Bob Meusel,” he said.

Lloyd, who has appeared in classic films like Dead Poets Society and Alfred Hitchcock’s Saboteur, recalled to ESPN the moment Ruth split the seat of his pants during Game 1.

“We roared! ” he said. “The little trainer, Doc Woods, raced out with a needle and thread, and the Babe just stood there grinning while they stitched up his trousers right on the field!”

On Wednesday, Lloyd cheered for his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers as they took on the Houston Astros. (The Astros beat the hometown team 7-6).

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Lloyd said his friends surprised him with tickets to the game as an early birthday present. Ahead of the game, Lloyd told the Times that he’d have to watch his “naughty language.”

“I don’t guarantee politeness,” he said. “I will contain myself, but if you hear four-letter words being spewed at the player who makes an unnecessary error, it’s me.”

He also had high hopes for the Dodgers before the big match-up: “The Dodgers should never lose.”