October 19, 2016 05:43 PM

The Twittersphere’s obsessions often come from random places (a celebrity’s Instagram account, a presidential debate, a music video), but it’s latest meme craze appears to be straight out of the pages of the Preliminary SAT.

On the test, given Wednesday, a section apparently included an excerpt from Isabel Allende’s 2000 novel Portrait in Sepia, about Aurora del Valle and her ambitious grandmother Paulina.

The test allegedly included a passage about the pair’s desperate attempts to persuade famed photographer Don Juan Ribero to take Aurora on as his apprentice. The photographer refused and persistent Aurora waited up for him outside of his studio.

In true Twitter fashion, the memes ensued.

As school came to a close, the hashtag #PSAT arose, with many poking fun at the novel characters’ encounter with the photographer.

“When don juan ribero won’t give your granddaughter photography lessons,” one tweeter wrote alongside a photo collage of an angry Jamie Lee Curtis.

Another Twitter user seemed to quote the book, uploading a series of memes: “When Don Juan Ribero said  ‘I don’t take money I take talent.’ ”

Some even called out the Twittersphere for violating one of the test’s privacy rules.

“‘Don’t discuss test material outside the testing room.’ Everyone on twitter: #PSAT,” the tweeter wrote alongside a gif of Kermit the Frog typing frantically on a keyboard.

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And for some, the meme craze proved to be a moment of bonding for high school students everywhere.

“#PSAT memes are great they’re like inside jokes that every sophomore and junior across the country is in on,” a social media user tweeted.

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