Alex Heigl
October 28, 2016 07:51 AM

Halloween’s on a Monday this year, which means it’s very likely you’re going to be tremendously partied out by the actual day-of, and very sick of costumes. And again, it will be a Monday, meaning it’s going to have a certain level of suck automatically baked in.

So if you’re going to be spending actual Halloween sitting quietly in a room nursing a hangover from either the whole weekend or just the start of a work week, have we got the hashtag for you: #FunThingsToDoAloneOnHalloween. It hit Twitter Friday morning, and it’s the Halloween hashtag we deserve, if not the one we need.

The scariest thing imaginable.

Only because this is a hypnotic GIF and a very excellent dance to do, especially by yourself.

This tweet brought to you by A) our love of pizza and B) PMQ Magazine, the No. 1 pizza industry trade magazine and website.

Hey, we had to look at this, so now you do, too.

Probably what we’ll actually be doing.

Not necessarily Halloween-specific!

This is a very good way to teach children about the true nature of life.

Far too scary.

… Okay.

Again, not necessarily Halloween-specific!

Is this a euphemism or something?

Always a good choice.

Sure, why not?


Annnnnnnd there’s the One Direction fan.

Sigh … yeah.

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