Zetronix ® Ultra Wide Angle 8GB 1080P HD Camera Glasses Video Recording Sport Sunglasses DVR Eyewear Sports Action Camera

Check Out our unboxing Video https://youtu.be/VU5ZGbayAtAThe new zShades-1080p video recording sunglasses incorporate an advanced 1080p Video camera, anti-shake video stabilization, and vibration alert into a pair of self-contained stylish sunglasses. The zShades-1080p are lightweight, durable and weatherproof.  Built with a light weight durable weatherproof frame, they weigh in at under 1 OZ. All of this makes the zShades-1080p DVR Sunglasses the most dynamic, most frame, they weigh in at under 1 OZ. All of this makes the zShades-1080p DVR Sunglasses the most dynamic, most comfortable, and most durable Video Recording Sunglasses ever made. Great for fishing hunting, boating, target practice, racing, or any exciting activity .The wide 147 degree angle will record not only what you see in front of you but your full peripheral vision as well.Easy file formatting makes videos easy to move to your PC or Mac, as well as uploading to YouTube and Facebook. zShades-1080p offers a completely wireless, hands-free recording solution for anything as ordinary as observing your kids and loved ones to extreme activities such as skiing, racing, biking, flying and more. The built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery gives you up to 1.5 hours of wire-free, hands-free video recording.The zShades-1080p are equipped with the highest quality HD CMOS video sensor to produce a flawless 1080p HD video image with audio. And with built-in video stabilization the video will always be smooth and perfect. The user-friendly video recording glasses are the only glasses that operate with a single touch, making video recording as easy as pressing a button! Vibration alert takes the guess work out of recording, as soon as you press the button the glasses boot up and vibrate to indicate power is on and a recording has automatically started. The zShades-1080p are revolutionizing portable, inconspicuous video recording!Suggested UseRecord live shows or eventsRecord classrooms or lecturesRecord yourself trapshooting or practicing targetsRecord sporting eventsRecord yourself playing sports, skating, skydiving, and more...Record yourself driving or racingIn the Box:Zetronix zShades-1080p Glasses 8 GB High Speed MicroSD Card USB Cable Hard Case Soft Bag Cleaning Cloth Manual  read more