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Prism I Printed Wall Art with Added Hand Painting

Abstract paintings are known for the wide and complex feelings they can evoke as well as their ability to appropriately fit in various contexts. DCA021A is one of such compositions that is compelling both to the heart and the mind. A complex geometric system painted in earthy neutral colors mixed with icy blue touches, this painting is bound to impress and baffle the viewer. The painting appears to be constructed from the exterior towards the middle, due to its bluraffle the viewer. The painting appears to be constructed from the exterior towards the middle, due to its blurry and uncertain marginal area which converges towards a crowded, complex and bright center. DCA021A is built from various patches of color that are sewn together with dark straight lines into a geometric arrangement. The darker shapes balance the upper and lower halves of the painting. The coppery splashes give it a warmer feeling which powerfully contrasts with the cooler, almost frozen tones of blue which fade into a creamy light beige. It is a powerful piece which can easily induce a meditative state with relaxing effects on the owner. This work of art is hand painted on a gallery wrapped canvas and signed by the artist ensuring each piece has some subtle differences making it distinctly unique to each owner. The high quality canvas wraps tightly around a sturdy wooden frame that will last for years to come. The painting comes with either a pre-strewn wire or hinges on the back so that it�s ready for immediate wall mounting. The light weight of the piece allows for easy hanging without worry of damaging your wall. The acrylic paint creates a rich texture that will really catch the light, creating a very sophisticated allure. Each painting is carefully packaged and inspected prior to shipping, ensuring every piece arrives safely and ready to hang on your wall, making for a pleasant purchasing experience from beginning to end. read more