Yes4All Yoga Starter Kit â Include PVC Exercise Yoga Mat, 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Strap; Yoga Towel

Are you on the way to seek for happiness and peace in mind? Then, nothing can be better than practicing Yoga! Start your spiritual journey right now with a full Yoga collection from Yes4All! HIGH-QUALITY PVC YOGA MAT FOR MAXIMIZED SUPPORT 1/8 inch thick PVC Yoga Mat: Constructed of high-density, non-toxic foam to provide perfect cushioning to support your wrists, back, knees, ankles during heavy workouts. Anti-slip surface: PVC is known as the stickiest material comists, back, knees, ankles during heavy workouts. Anti-slip surface: PVC is known as the stickiest material compared to rubber, jute, and cotton. The textured surface provides a firm grip, allowing you to hold the pose much longer. UNBLOCK YOUR LIMITS WITH YES4ALL YOGA BLOCKSAnti-scratch EVA material: Made of durable foam with a nonslip surface, Yes4All Yoga Block has soft, scratch proof exterior with beveled edges for your added comfort. Lightweight and portable: Yes4All handy Yoga Blocks are great to use at home, take them to the studio or pack them in your bag for holiday trips. NO MORE GAP BETWEEN MOVEMENTS WITH YES4ALL YOGA STRAPThick soft cotton material: Provide more comfort against your hands, feet, and skin compared to other straps. Will not rub harshly or cause abrasion but feel light and comfy like a feather touching your skin. Double D-ring Buckles: Easy-to-use buckles help you to hold the strap securely in place just where you adjust it. STAY CLEAN AND HEALTHY WITH YES4ALL YOGA TOWEL100% Microfiber material with 80% Polyester and 20% Nylon: Quickly absorb sweat, keep your body cool and dry for the whole 90-minute Yoga session. Extra wide towel with a non-slip surface: Yes4All Towel is big enough to cover your Yoga Mat for providing sticky high-performance grip, as well as helping you go deeper into advanced poses without interruption. PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSPackage includes: 1 PVC Yoga Mat, 1 Yoga Towel, 1 Yoga Strap, 2 Yoga BlocksYoga MatDimension: 68x24x1/8 inch (3mm) (LxWxH)Material: Non-slip PVC Yoga MatYoga TowelDimension: 72x24 inch (LxW)Material: 100% Microfiber material with 80% Polyester a read more